Yanuary Navarro Yanuary Navarro


my name is Yanuary (yah-nu-ah-ree) Navarro.
I was born in a river valley in Honduras, was
raised amongst the swamps and beaches
of Florida by a hard working single mom and
I currently reside in music city Nashville, TN.

I studied illustration at RCAD in Sarasota, FL
and I continue to devote daily time to my art
practice. Rain or shine.

Professionally I wear many hats e.g. freelance design, editorial art, illustration and production design for publishing. Spiritually my heart is in reading and telling stories that energize the weary heart.

I thank you for visiting and hope you will keep in touch. My favorite platform to share daily
art in progress & studio updates
is instagram so head over and say hi!

Connect with me and keep in touch:
  • Email: yanuarynavarro@gmail.com: inquiries
  • Instagram: @drawgrowsmile : art updates
  • Facebook: @DrawGrowSmile : hmm it's there  but I don't use it as often...lol
A gentle reminder: please do not use my images for any reason without prior written permission.