Yanuary Navarro Yanuary Navarro


Hello, my name is Yanuary Navarro.
I was born in a river valley in Honduras and moved to the US in 96' where I was raised amongst the swamps and beaches of the sunshine state. I have a BFA in illustration from Ringling College of Art & Design. During my academic years my main focus was on learning everything I could about the visual arts. Art became a source of self-confidence when I needed comfort the most during my teenage years. I've continued to devote daily time to my practice ever since. Regardless of circumstance I create because making time to express myself feels like coming home. Professionally I wear many hats working in Graphic Design, Production & Pre-Press, freelancing, doing contract work, writing picture books and poems, and making sci-fi inspired short stories.
I love it all!

Connect with me and keep in touch anytime:
email: yanuarynavarro@gmail.com
Instagram: @drawgrowsmile
Facebook: @DrawGrowSmile